Weldtone Eelectronic Conductive Adhesives

Weldtone Eelectronic Conductive Adhesives are based on various chemistry platforms, such as epoxy, acrylic, silicone, or even solvent-thermoplastic, giving the materials unique properties such as workability, VR, flexibility and so on. These products work well in the applications like display grounding, solar cell, CCM, and semiconductors.


Weldtone Eelectronic Conductive Adhesives Series
Product Name Appearance Description Viscosity (cPs@25℃) Thixotropic Index Tensile Modulus(Mpa) Tensile Elongation(%) More parameters
INK0501HV Silver Gray For printing process
Excellent electrical conductivity
Excellent adhesion to ink-glass & PET
Good moisture resistance
26,000 2.4 / / Detailed introduction
CGF2600 Silver Gray Low viscosity
Good flow to narrow gap
Good adhesion to EMC
Excellent electrical conductivity
3,500 2.0 / / Detailed introduction
ECA3540 Silver Gray Fast curing at low temperature
Good flexibility
Low moisture up-taken
Good electrical conductivity
20,000 2.0 <200 120.0 Detailed introduction
ECA1501NC Silver Gray Both dispensing and printing
Fast curing at proper temperature
High adhesion to metals
Excellent flexibility
Good electrical conductivity
40,000 2.0 400 20.0 Detailed introduction
ECA2510 Silver Gray Excellent workability
Good electrical conductivity
Moderate thermal conductivity
High adhesion to various substrates
9,000 5.5 1,300 2.2 Detailed introduction
EC023 Silver Gray Low temperature curable
High thixotropy, good dispensing property
High adhesion to various substrates
High Tg
Moderate electrical conductivity      
11,500 5.0 1,400 2.4 Detailed introduction