Low temperature curable epoxy adhesives

Weldtone LTCA are one-component and low temperature curable epoxy adhesives, which can effectively integrate the need for excellent bonding strength and low temperature curing. They are mainly applied in bonding reinforcement, waterproof sealing and components protection for intelligent electronic products. These adhesives also can be compatible with heat-sensitive electronic components.


Low temperature curable epoxy adhesives Series
Product Name Appearance Description Viscosity (cPs@25℃) Curing Condition Elongation(%) Tg by TMA (°C) More parameters
E2153HF White Low temperature curable
Excellent resistance to water permeation                   
Good adhesion      
4,000 60 min at 70℃ 2.0 75.0 Detailed introduction
ES2100 Beige Good flow on various substrates
Fast curing at low temperature            
Good resistance to water permeation
2,500 60 min at 70℃ 4.0 65.0 Detailed introduction
ES39A Yellow Low temperature curable 
Low shrinkage on curing                     
Excellent flexibility                  
Excellent adhesion     
5,000 60 min at 70℃ 70.0 22.0 Detailed introduction
UF1031 Black Low Modulus
Fast flow at room temperature
Fast curing   
2,300 30 min at 80℃ 34.2 17.7 Detailed introduction
DA2110 Red Low viscosity, high thixotropy
Excellent dispensing
Rapid Curing at low temperature
High bonding strength
Low stress, low warpage
11,000 30 min at 80℃ 0.3 25 Detailed introduction
CB2902 Black Fast curing 
Low RBO                                
High toughness
Good bonding performance      
12,400 10 min at 80℃ 12.6 38.5 Detailed introduction
CB2901 Black Fast curing
Low RBO                                  
Good bonding performance
Excellent reliability
14,300 10 min at 80℃ 8.5 36.0 Detailed introduction
CB2900 Black Fast curing
High toughness
Low Shrinkage
Good bonding performance
40,000 10 min at 80℃ 17.1 42.1 Detailed introduction
E2020CL-B Blue
Ultra fast curing
High toughness
Low Shrinkage               
5,220 10 min at 80℃ 15.3 38.2 Detailed introduction